Whether in employment, project assignment or freelance: Our offers to specialists are diverse.

Lachende engineer op een bouwplaats / constructie site
Karl Waldbauer
Project manager Karl Waldbauer recounts the role of Dosign in his career:

"Thanks to Dosign, I´m fulfilling my ambitions in project management"

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Stefan Bonhof
Stefan: "Within Andritz I am responsible for the documentation that goes with the machines"

"It's nice to be working alongside my thesis"

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Bilal Aouragh
Master`s student Bilal works at a consultancy firm through Dosign Students

"A student job offshore, that was just perfect for me"

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Strukon duaal engineering melanie verschoor
Melanie, dual student electrical engineering: "Theory and practice match very well"

"The advantage of this dual study process is that I both learn and work"

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Word jij engineer van de toekomst? Werktuigbouwkunde, Elektrotechniek, Mechatronica, Industriële automatisering, Maritieme techniek
Pedram: "A college education plus a paid job with future prospects!"

"It's the ideal way to get your degree, have a relevant job and work on your future"

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Christiaan Ven
Christiaan, student mechanical engineering, on his holiday job in Germany via Dosign Students

“A technical holiday job in Germany. How cool is that!”

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Duaal engineer achter een pc
Mechanical engineering student Rick: “Dosign Students found me the right job at the right time!”

“Dosign Students found the right job at the right time”

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Faiyaz Khan Dosign
Faiyaz Khan: "Would I recommend Dosign to other engineers? Yes, any day!”

“Dosign stand by my side, also elsewhere in Europe”

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André Kik
André: “Dosign Academy helps me to further develop in my career"

“Dosign Academy helps me to further develop in my career"

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Sjoerd Van Aart
Sjoerd: "The variation in my job is interesting and instructive."

"There is no better start to my technical career"

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Johan Puts
Johan Puts: "My advice for fellow engineers: Go to Dosign and 'do sign'!"

"Dosign offer opportunities for every experienced engineer"

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Ben Hoekstra
Ben Hoeksta: “Joining Dosign felt like a natural choice”

“Dosign Freelance enables me to focus on my core tasks”

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Bert van Steenbruggen
Bert van Steenbruggen: "I work at various locations for various clients"

"The freedom Dosign provide me with is a definite asset"

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Jeremy Kolijn
Jeremy: "My work at Topec via Dosign Students is a great opportunity to obtain experience."

"Gaining relevant work experience alongside my studies"

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Sander Molenaar
Sander: "Every industry has its innovations. That's what makes this work so beautiful!”

“I missed the challenge and knew Dosign could offer it”

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Hein Hendriksen -  Dosign
Pursueing a career in Germany. Project engineer Hein Hendriksen fulfils his ambition with Dosign.

"German companies have confidence in me as a Dosigner!"

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Emma Moonen
Emma, student mechanical engineering, works at Spirotech.

“Good move towards my future career in engineering”

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