“I missed the challenge and knew Dosign could offer it”

Sander Molenaar already knew at the age of fifteen that he aspired to work in process technology And to this day he has kept to this. As a Dosigner he carries out projects for renowned clients in the process industry. We talked to him at his current workplace at a large dairy company in North Brabant.

I missed the challenge and knew that Dosign could offer it to me Sander Molenaar

As a young student Sander worked at a chemicals transit company."The work appealed to me, so I was looking for a training to fit in with this and chose for mbo process operator. In the summer of 2011, Sander obtained his diploma. A few months later, through Dosign, he was able to work as a process engineer at a globally operating engineering firm.

After three years, his projects with the engineering firm ended. Sander left Dosign for an international chemical product manufacturer. After a year he knocked at Dosign again:"I missed the challenge and knew that Dosign could offer it to me. I could choose from three vacancies. Not long after I started as a process engineer with one of the largest market players in the dairy sector.

New construction and renovation
Sander now works as an EPC-manager. He is responsible for the engineering, procurement and execution of new-build and renovation projects within the factory environment. Sander gives an example:"In one of the tank parks we placed a new tank next to an existing tank. We built the manifold with extra valves. We also connected the tanks with each other - and with other parts of the factory. Both physically and software-wise.

Accessible, friendly, involved
Sander is still happy with his return to Dosign. “What I like about the consultants is that they are accessible. The contact is friendly. They also remain involved. They call me regularly to ask me how things are going. Moreover, they like to contribute to my personal development. And I get a lease car.”

Many directions
Where lies the future for Sander? In chemical technology? In any case in the process industry ", he replied. There you can go in many directions. Now I work in the food industry, perhaps later on in pharmacy or chemistry. Every industry has its particularities and innovations. That's what makes this work so rewarding.”