"Gaining relevant work experience alongside my studies"

Getting experience you don't get at university. For Jeremy Kolijn, third-year student of mechanical engineering, this was the most important reason to work through Dosign Students. "My work at Topec is in line with my studies. At the same time, I experience what is going on in business."

Amazing to sit in one room with all those specialists Jeremy Kolijn

The fact that Jeremy started studying mechanical engineering three years ago was not far-fetched. As a child he had helped his father restoring cars. At the age of fourteen he started tinkering with bicycles and racing bikes, later mopeds and, more recently, his own motorbike. "In mechanical engineering, I can develop in full breadth on a technical level. And I chose the TU Delft as it is highly regarded."


Jeremy is ambitious. During his studies he often takes the lead in working groups. Yet he missed something."At university, you do not have an internship to gain practical work experience." When Jeremy found a vacancy for a technical draughtsman via Linkedin, he didn't hesitate. The vacancy was offered by Dosign Students. "I applied and not much later I was offered the job ".

Gaining experience

"Would you like to work as a support engineer at Topec?' Jeremy received this question during the interview at Dosign. "Of course I wanted that. It was the ultimate opportunity to gain relevant work experience in addition to my studies. Together with Maarten van Geuns van Dosign I went on a conversation at Topec. Not much later I started working there."


Topec manufactures main and emergency power supplies in all shapes and sizes. The project in which Jeremy is involved is one of the largest projects ever carried out at Topec. Jeremy: "We are tackling this project in a multidisciplinary way. Amazing to sit in one room with all those specialists."

Technical drawings

Jeremy continues: "My work mainly consists of modifying the technical drawings. And because it is a Kazakh project, everything needs to be translated, in which I'm also involved. The nice thing about this project is that we realise everything as a team. There is a pleasant atmosphere, in which everyone is equal. In many respects, my work at Topec is a valuable addition to my studies."