“Good move towards my future career in engineering”

Emma Moonen exchanged her side job at a bakery for a technical student job. Through Dosign Students she works at Spirotech. To her, this has been a good move towards her future career in engineering.

Dosign immediately went looking for a suitable job near my home town Emma Moonen

“I study Mechanical Engineering at TU Eindhoven", Emma says. “This broad technical training allows many ways to go. I’ve just completed my bachelor’s degree. Now I’m working on my master's in microsystems. Everything is on a microscale in this field. So, research includes topics such as lab-on-a-chip´ and brain-on-a-chip´.”

Online research
In summer 2016 Emma started looking for a side job for technical students. A round of googling soon brought her to Dosign Students. “I submitted my details on the website and added my CV. Dosign immediately went looking for a suitable job near my home town. Eventually, they found one at Spirotech: a company that offers chemical and physical solutions for the removal of air and dirt from heating and cooling installations.”

Emma went for an interview with Dosign. Then followed the interview with Spirotech. “Joep Looijen from Dosign accompanied me”, says Emma. I really appreciated that”. Emma joined Spirotech in early 2017. About her work: “I devise technical training and assessment material for all employees within the company, from sales managers to R&D engineers.”

Common ground
Emma continues:“This work is not entirely in line with my studies, but there is common ground. After all, I have to comprehend what I am writing down. I also edit 3D drawings. Moreover, I’m involved in a technical environment. And I experience how different disciplines work together in a compamy. This, by itself, is fun and interesting!”