"Thanks to Dosign, I´m fulfilling my ambitions in project management"

Karl Waldbauer studied Mechanical Engineering, but soon came into contact with project management through an internship. He turned out to be a born project manager, with an eye for the big picture, the operation of systems and the interaction between disciplines. He has made a career in project management since. And in this, Dosign played an important role.

I see myself working here for years to come Karl Waldbauer

More variety
After his studies, Karl worked as a project manager for five years, for a company that supplies systems for refineries. "A fun and challenging job," Karl recounts,"but at one point I wanted a job with more variety in the projects. I found that job at Dosign. Or better said: Dosign found me. Max, Recruiter at Dosign Germany, approached me via LinkedIn. We made an appointment for an introductory interview. That was a pleasant conversation in which we discussed my wishes and ambitions. The job that Dosign had in mind for me fitted in perfectly with that."

Interdisciplinary projects
Karl now works as a project manager at an engineering firm active in the petrochemical industry. He manages a variety of projects at various refineries. "Usually this involves the renovation or upgrade of a part of a refinery," so Karl. "To be completed within a certain time and budget. And it´s often an interdisciplinary matter, involving mechanical engineering, hydraulics, electrical engineering, automation, etc. It's up to me to steer that whole process in the right direction and to coordinate all disciplines. Keeping the planning and costs under control is usually the biggest challenge. I´m also regularly involved in troubleshooting."

Karl is happy with his work. "I've been working here for a year and a half now, the first year assigned by Dosign, since then in direct employment as agreed in advance. And with a lot of pleasure, at that." His experience and expertise as a project manager, but also his personal qualities come in handy here. "I can deal well with complex systems and structures. I quickly see how components are connected and how systems work. You need that to properly monitor and control projects." Karl no longer works via Dosign, but is now employed by the engineering firm. "Here, I'm in the right place. Hence, I see myself working here for years to come."

Pleasant contact
When asked how he looks back on his time at Dosign, Karl says: "Positive throughout. The contact with Dosign was pleasant from the start. Max visited our office regularly to ask how things were going. That involvement felt good. More contact was not really necessary, because everything went without any problems. I am especially happy that Dosign found this job for me. Thanks to Dosign, I am now fulfilling my ambitions as a project manager."