"A student job offshore, that was just perfect for me"

Ever since high school, Bilal Aouragh had known he wants to get into the technical field. Preferably offshore. Currently, he is taking the master's degree in Offshore Engineering. He also works through Dosign Students at Enersea, a consultancy firm for offshore companies.

I hope to gain practical experience here for a long time to come Bilal Aouragh

Bilal studies at the TU in Delft. He completed his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and is now in the second year of his master's degree in Offshore Engineering, specialising in Dredging. "During my bachelor's I already knew that I wanted to continue in offshore. I find it a very interesting sector. The other day, I found the results of my vocational selection test at secondary school. That was another area where the offshore sector came up. I had already forgotten that, but apparently I was already interested at the time".

Technical job next to study
Thanks to his interest and specialism in offshore, Bilal found his way to Dosign Students. "I had been working in the hospitality industry for a while", he recounts,   "but I wanted to do something technical. Something practical, in addition to all the theory I get at university, and preferably within my field of expertise. Through a good friend, who already had contact with Dosign Students, I succeeded in finding that".

Contact right away
"That friend had heard that Dosign Students was looking for someone who specialises in offshore", Bilal continues. "It was a student job two days a week, at Enersea. Of course, that was perfect for me! I called Dosign Students and the contact was immediately good. Nigel, my recruiter, was really interested in my studies and interests, and asked me about my wishes in terms of work. Not long after that I was able to get started".

Structural engineer
Bilal now works for Enersea as a structural engineer for about three months. "Among other things, I carry out drawing work, but also calculations such as calculating structures or platforms," he explains. "That's good. I have nice colleagues and the work fits in well with my studies". Even after his studies Bilal sees himself working in a structural engineering department. "I want to work on the engineering myself, and preferably at a large offshore company. Until then, I hope to gain practical experience here for a long time to come".