"It's nice to be working alongside my thesis"

Stefan Bonhof knows better than anyone what Dosign Students has to offer. During his Bachelor studies in Mechanical Engineering he worked here internally for six months. Now, while writing his thesis, he enjoys working for an external client of Dosign Students.

Thanks to my father, I`ve been interested in engineering from an early age Stefan Bonhof

"Thanks to my father, I`ve been interested in engineering from an early age", says Stefan. "He worked in the engine rooms of ships, which I found fascinating. I also developed a knack for programming. In my studies everything comes together. After high school, with a Nature and Technology profile, I opted for Mechanical Engineering at Delft University of Technology. As a minor I chose Robotics. I find the combination of programming and hardware compelling; you bring mechanics to life as it were. Since 2018 I have been pursuing my Master's degree in Vehicle Engineering, now busy with my thesis."

Relax and work
Although his thesis requires a lot of time and attention, Stefan also makes room for the necessary relaxation. He plays the guitar and goes climbing every week. He also has, through Dosign Students, a technical side job. Stefan: "I first became acquainted with Dosign Students when I was quite far with my bachelor's degree. I wanted to apply my technical knowledge in practice. Initially my recruiter found a job at a company in Vlaardingen, but that didn't work out in the end. Then he asked me if I wanted to work internally at Dosign Students".

Good match
Stefan continues: "In that internal job, I called companies to ask if they have work that students can fill out. For example, work that their own employees can't do. That was fun to do. Moreover, I experienced up close how everyone at Dosign Students does their utmost to make a good match between clients and students".

Unambiguous documentation
After starting his master's programme, Stefan was looking for another job. Because of his previous good experiences, he knocked on Dosign Students' door again. Soon there was a match with one of the clients, Andritz Gouda BV. This company makes machines for processing food, chemical products and waste products. Stefan: "Within Andritz I am responsible for the documentation that goes with the machines. The machines are custom made to the client's wishes. The right manuals, safety instructions and suchlike must be supplied with the machines. I ensure that the correct texts are included in the documents and that the various documents contain unambiguous information".

Ideal complement
Stefan's work is separate from his studies, but still forms a nice addition. "It is nice to be working in practice alongside my thesis, which is heavy theoretical work. I also benefit from my studies in my work. I am familiar with the terms used. I can also interpret the drawings well."

Involved and accessible
Stefan continues: "What I like about Dosign Students is that they do more than make a match. They are also dedicated. After my first week at Andritz my consultant called me to ask how it went and what I thought of the work. They are also very accessible at Dosign Students. I can call them anytime, anywhere. I would definitely advise other students to contact Dosign Students".