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Engineering since 1985

Dosign have been active in engineering since 1985. Founded in Rotterdam as an engineering firm we have since grown into a multidisciplinary service provider within a broad playing field. In addition to connecting Engineers to clients in the technical sector, we also offer a wide range of courses, training and traineeships.

Are you a Dosigner?

Our extensive network of Engineers, or Dosigners as we call them, joins together skilled professionals. With passion for their field of work and the personality they bring to the working floor, they make all the difference. Are you ambitious, do you have a technical degree on advanced college or academic level or do you aspire to a higher technical education? At Dosign you will find the most challenging technical vacancies. We also offer technical training and traineeships to develop and maintain  your qualifications at top level.

Education and training of Engineers

Clients and employers are seeking able technical professionals who have expertise and know-how from other technical disciplines. Are you looking for technical training to develop yourself more broadly in your field? Or do you wish to specialise in a (different) technical discipline? Then take a look at the courses and the many possibilities offered by Dosign Academy, Dosign's training institute for ambitious engineers.

Challenging engineering projects

Clients with complex engineering projects choose Dosign for quality, market knowledge and personal approach. For them, we search, find, select and assign the best technical professionals available. Within R&D, engineering, project control and construction management, we know the players and their ways. We carry out projects in all phases, from design to completion.

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Dosign Rotterdam

Fascinatio Boulevard

2003065 WB Rotterdam

The Netherlands

Dosign Amsterdam


52132 HN Hoofddorp

The Netherlands

Dosign Tilburg

Dr. Hub van Doorneweg

1715026 RC Tilburg

The Netherlands

Dosign Enschede

Hengelosestraat 500

7521 AN Enschede

The Netherlands

Dosign Academy

Fascinatio Boulevard 200

3065 WB Rotterdam

The Netherlands

Dosign Antwerpen

Uitbreidingstraat 60-62

2600 Berchem


Dosign Langenfeld

Hausinger Str. 6

40764 Langenfeld