"The freedom Dosign provide me with is a definite asset"

Bert van Steenbruggen had already gained over 25 years of experience as (piping) designer and site engineer, when in 2014 he entered permanent employment with Dosign. Since then he has worked with great pleasure on various projects in his favourite sector: petrochemicals.

I work at various locations for various clients, gaining more and more knowledge and experience Bert van Steenbruggen

Bert started his technical career in 1976 after graduating from LTS. "I went to work as a machinist," he says. "I came into contact with piping and was immediately fascinated: the work, the field, the welding. I then talked to my boss and soon started working in the piping workshop. Not long after I went into field work to build plants."

Ambition in Engineering
Bert had further reaching ambitions. He followed the MTS Mechanical Engineering and started working as engineer and designer for various engineering firms and companies, eg at SBM Offshore for fifteen years. Bert: "I was involved in the engineering of FPSOs: large floating production platforms for the production, handling and storage of oil and gas. I had a nice time working on location in places such as Singapore, Dubai and Malaysia."

Pernanent contract with Dosign
In 2013, Bert's son also went to work at SBM Offshore via Dosign. Thus Bert had repeatedly contact with Frank Meyer, sr. Consultant piping & mechanical at Dosign. "I immediately had a good feeling with Dosign" said Bert. "I already knew people who worked there and the conversations with Frank went nice. At one point Dosign offered me a permanent contract. That was perfect. It offered me certainty, but also the freedom to work on multiple projects. In January 2014 my first project started at Tebodin."

Practical experience
Today, we are more than three years and many projects further. The last two years Bert worked for Jacobs engineering on projects at Huntsman, Indorama, Shell Botlek, Lyondell and BP Europoort. As a senior expert designer and site engineer, he was responsible for the engineering and construction supervision of plants, but also for activities such as surveying and adjusting pieces of piping. His practical experience came in handy. Bert: "It is useful if you know how a plant is built. Mini-projects, for instance a revision, I approach almost always from the practical side. Only then will I start drawing or modelling."

Freedom, security and a good salary
At the time of our interview, Bert had just completed his assignment at Jacobs. New, interesting projects already are emerging. "That's the nice thing about working with Dosign," so Bert. "I work at various locations for various clients, so I am gaining more and more new knowledge and experience. The freedom Dosign provide me with is a definite asset. Just like the assurance of my permanent contract and a good salary."