“Dosign stand by my side, also elsewhere in Europe”

Faiyaz Khan is among the most experienced engineers working on a project basis for Dosign. The London-based chemical engineer has been working in the process industry for more than 36 years, involved in projects in various countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

I can fully focus on my contractual obligations Faiyaz Khan

Faiyaz came into contact with Dosign when offered a job through an agency at CB&I, on the Shell site in Wesseling (near Cologne). “As neither the recruitment agency nor CB&I had branches or affiliates in Germany, they couldn’t employ me directly", so Faiyaz. “CB&I had then contacted Dosign to offer me a contract for a position at the CB&I Shell site. That was fine with me. The contract conditions were suited to requirements and the Dosign team seemed to be friendly and very forthcoming.”

Pöyry and VTA

After eight months at CB&I, Faiyaz was offered a job at Pöyry, a consultancy and engineering firm active mainly in the energy and industrial sectors. He worked for seven months at Pöyry in Mainz, Germany, followed by another six months at Pöyry in Porsgrunn, Norway. “Then, in 2016, I was offered a contract at VTA GmbH, an affiliate of BP Germany up to 2016. I’m still working for that company.”

Senior Process Engineer

VTA GmbH offer project management, technical engineering and automation in the (petro)chemical industry. I work there as a senior process engineer in the process department of local BP refiners," says Faiyaz. “My responsibilities include designing and installing safety shutdown systems for various heaters, reboilers and furnaces. I am also working on replacing oil with natural gas.”

Focus on projects

Faiyaz is happy to work on a project basis for Dosign: “The consultants and payroll staff are very competent. They are also very helpful as to my assignments in other European countries. Above this, Dosign take care of discussing matters of new or extending contracts with the client. While I can fully focus on my contractual obligations. Would I recommend Dosign to other engineers? Yes, any day!”


After 36 years, Faiyaz still is ambitious: "I would like to work in Australia or the United States for a year or two. I would really leap for joy if Dosign offered me that opportunity.”