“Dosign Students found the right job at the right time”

Mechanical engineering student Rick de Wildt found a holiday job in his field of study via Dosign Students. And he is very happy with that: “I didn't expect them to find such a nice job in such a short time!”

I learn a lot of practical things here which I won’t come across at university Rick de Wildt

With his holiday job Rick spans a period of three months, during which he does not have to study. He explains: “Before the summer holidays I finished the first year of my master's degree. After the holiday I leave for my internship at the University of Melbourne to carry out research in the field of biomechanics. The intervening period, a total of three months, I decided to usefully spend on holiday work.”

Through Google to Dosign

Rick found his holiday job via Dosign Students. How did he get there? “I started looking for work in different ways,” he says. “For example, I approached a previous employer. I also went online looking for engineering jobs for students. A round of googling brought me to the Dosign website. There I uploaded my CV. Not long after I was called by Marco Knipscheer of Dosign.”

Positive surprise

Rick told Marco what he was looking for a three-month job in or around Eindhoven, preferably in line with his studies. “I realised that this was not an easy task and did not assume that Dosign would quickly find something,” says Rick. "I was positively surprised when Marco called me. He had found work for three months at WDH Hydraulics, a company that produces, overhauls and repairs cylinders for the offshore industry.”

Worth the effort

“The company and the large mechanics appealed to me enormously”, continues Rick. "The only downside was that it is fifteen kilometres from Eindhoven. Pretty far for a student who has to use his bike! Yet I went there to talk. Already during the conversation I decided: for this job at this company this is definitely worth the effort.”

Varied projects

WDH Hydraulics has a modern machine hall and an office with its own engineering department. Rick works in that department. “I am tasked as a kind of project engineer. I pick up the projects that have been on hold and / or require more research. Those projects are very varied. For example, I have to draw for one project and programme for the other. I learn a lot of practical things here which I won’t come across at university. That makes the work interesting and challenging.”


Rick is more than content with Dosign Students. “I couldn't have found a better job myself," he says. “The work is in line with my interests and it also fits perfectly into my planning. Dosign Students found me the right job at the right time!”