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Dutch traineeship vacancies
Overleggende engineers die kijken naar boven in een werkplaats

You have graduated from a college or university of applied sciences in a technical field? You aspire to develop further in Instrumentation, Automation or Piping Engineering? Dosign give you the opportunity to follow a unique learning and working path in which you specialise in automation, piping or instrumentation within two years. Get off to a flying start in engineering.

How it works:

  • You work full-time as a Junior Piping Engineer, Junior Instrumentation Engineer or Junior Industrial Automation Engineer at one of our partners;
  • 1 x per two weeks you follow lessons at our Dosign Academy in Rotterdam;
  • The traineeship lasts two years;
  • Dosign is your employer and guide throughout the traineeship;
  • After two years you are holding a diploma;
  • Please note: Schooling is in Dutch.
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Are you a starting Engineer and do you (soon) hold a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Technical Physics or Chemistry? At Dosign we have a unique opportunity for you to be a qualified Instrumentation / Process Control Engineer through a traineeship.

Efficiency in terms of production, but also in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions. To increase this efficiency, measurement and control systems play a crucial role: the work of Instrumentation Engineers. The demand for these experts is considerable.

As there is no specific education at advanced college level in this field, Dosign Engineering, together with Dosign Academy and partners (engineering firms and installers) have developed a unique Traineeship in which you will learn all facets of Instrumentation Engineering in 2 years time.

You have a mechanical engineering background (University, advanced college or Dutch MBO level 4), as well as creativity and spatial insight? Or are you a starting piping engineer? Then there are ample opportunities for you to pursue a career as a piping engineer. At Dosign we offer you a unique opportunity to qualify in Piping Design and Engineering through a traineeship!

Pipes are used in all kinds of industries to move liquids and gases. This can be for example for innovative bio-refinery installations, offshore platforms, chemical or pharmaceutical production sites and industrial ships. As a Piping Engineer, you are the specialist who knows how to give guidance during the design, engineering and construction of piping systems.

As piping often is the connecting element of larger installations, it is important that you cooperate well with the other technical specialists. It is also a field in which no one ever stops learning. So you can later specialise further in stress analyses, choice of materials or move on to a managerial role.

Industrial Automation is a broad and challenging field where you as an Engineer can really make a difference. Are you (soon) in possession of a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Control Systems, Technical Informatics, ICT, Mechanical Engineering (Dutch WTB) or Computer Engineering? At Dosign, you have a unique opportunity to qualify as an Industrial Automation Engineer through a traineeship!

Automation is often used as a concept. Basically, automation means that people are replaced by software or a machine. Today, we see it all around us. Just think of smart home applications such as smart lighting or a robot vacuum cleaner. This is no different in technology. When it comes to automation in engineering, we speak of Industrial Automation. Think of the optimization of processes by means of software systems and machines.

Current traineeship vacancies

Piping Design Trainee

Piping Zuid-Holland Advanced technical college
As a Piping Design Trainee, you develop yourself into a Piping Design Engineer through a 2-year traineeship. You work full-time...
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