Flexible engineer

Maximum flexibility for your organisation

You have a highly trained engineer for a certain period of time or on a project basis. For example, to deal with a peak during projects or when you temporarily need more engineering capacity. The engineer will not be employed by your company.

Project-based assignment

When do you choose this solution?

Project-based assignment of engineers offers a solution if you temporarily wish to have extra knowledge and/or capacity at your disposal. Variable budgets and varying (qualitative and quantitative) staffing requirements are the starting point. This must be met adequately. You have no intention of hiring the employee.

Examples of solutions we offer include the assignment of freelance engineers, project staff, students and specialised engineering consultants.

What can you expect from Dosign?

  • Monitoring contracts and quality of the employee

  • Additional training by Dosign Academy

  • We give you a realistic picture of the employee with objective evaluations.

Your benefits:

  • You determine the length of the commitment and the flexibility of the contract (optionally extending 2 years).

  • Immediately a specialist in house

  • No worries about salary payments, employment or freelance contracts.  And standard 30-day payment terms.

  • The quality of the commitment is guaranteed (a.o. by a unique `no cure no pay´ arrangement).

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