Structuring the assignment of freelancers

External expertise for your organisation

We connect your company with ambitious, independent freelancers to carry out challenging projects. In doing so, we unburden you of all your concerns.

When do you choose this solution?

With a freelancer via Dosign, you obtain knowledge and capacity in a flexible way. Moreover, you meet all the requirements of the supervisory authorities. Because Dosign act as a contract partner, you can never be considered an employer. This prevents the tasking of the freelancer from being seen as a hidden employment. So you do not have to worry about fines or additional taxes from the Tax and Customs Administration.

What can you expect from Dosign?

  • You as a client pay our invoice after 30 days, we pay the freelancer after 15 days;

  • We take care of the freelancer, who can fully focus on the assignment;

  • We monitor the results achieved on the basis of the objectives described;

  • Guaranteed quality based on weekly monitored progress.

Your benefits:

  • Optimal and structured tasking of freelancers;

  • We continuously check the contract for current regulations;

  • Flexible setup of the contract;

  • We check the hourly rate for market conformity.

Learn more? Contact us anytime.

Do you have any questions about the possibilities Dosign provides for your company? Do you wish to learn more about our engineers and what they have to offer? Or do you wish to announce a vacancy? We are glad to appoint a visit for an introductory meeting or personal consultation.

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