Permanent engineers via assignment

Attracting a permanent engineer with maximum certainty

Dosign searches and recruits the best engineer for your vacancy and assigns them for a certain period of time. After that you can take over the employee without any further costs due.

When do you choose this solution?

You wish to attract a permanent employee with maximum certainty possible? We assign our Dosign employees for a 1700 working hours period, after which you are permitted to contract them without any further charges.

What you can expect of Dosign

  • we give you a clear impression of the employee;

  • we provide a working terms benchmark and advice, if you wish;

  • we guarantee the quality along the entire trajectory.

Your benefits:

  • The assignment period can be arranged with maximum flexibility. This creates a solid trial period;

  • The takeover (entry into employment with you) is always free of charge after completion of the hiring period;

  • The quality of the entire process is guaranteed by thirty days 'no cure no pay';

  • You are not obliged to take over the engineer.

Any questions? Contact us anytime

Do you have any questions about the possibilities Dosign provides for your company? Do you wish to learn more about our engineers and what they have to offer? Or do you wish to announce a vacancy? We are glad to appoint a visit for an introductory meeting or personal consultation.

Get in contact with Dosign on phone +31 10 477 01 01 or send us your message.