Acquire knowledge not yet present in your organisation

Tasking a Dosign consultant on a flexible and temporary basis: a highly skilled engineer with several years of experience in one or more technical disciplines.

When do you choose this solution?

With a Dosign Consultant you also acquire knowledge not (sufficiently) present in your organisation. For example, for the execution of a specialist project or for the introduction and implementation of new production processes.

What can you expect from Dosign?

  • We monitor the results achieved against the defined objectives;

  • Guaranteed quality based on weekly monitored progress.

Your benefits:

  • Longstanding professional experience and specific expertise allow immediate assignment;

  • If desired, you can task senior engineers with proven coaching skills. They embed their knowledge within your organisation;

  • Our contracts can be arranged according to your wishes.

Learn more? Contact us anytime.

Do you have any questions about the possibilities Dosign provides for your company? Do you wish to learn more about our engineers and what they have to offer? Or do you wish to announce a vacancy? We are glad to appoint a visit for an introductory meeting or personal consultation.

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