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More results in less time? You learn it during the Time Management training!
Efficient use of your time in the workplace, despite all the 'tools', is only becoming more challenging. The amount of information that comes to you on a 'normal' working day is huge. Think of e-mails, telephone traffic, a meeting here and a 'rush' there. In addition, in the technical sector more and more teams work in projects, so that communication only increases.


The key is usually not 'working harder', but mainly in dealing with your time in a efficient way. How do you maintain an overview? How do you still manage your primary tasks? Think first, then act: you learn it during the Time Management training.

During this one-day training you get the tools to get the most out of your day: more results in less time with more fun and less stress!


Are you a busy technical professional? Do you have a large amount of different tasks and responsibilities? Do you want to keep an overview and create more peace at your workplace? And get more done in a day? If you can answer one or more of these questions with "Yes" then this training is suitable for you!

Part 1

Become aware of your own way of working and how you spend your time

Focus on the core of your position and responsibilities

Organize your time better based on your goals and priorities

Add more structure to your tasks and maintain overview and control

Part 2

Collaborate more efficiently: set boundaries, delegate effectively and make SMART agreements

Gain insight into your time wasters and lose less valuable time

Create more peace of mind: for more focus and less stress!

Praktische informatie

The Time Management training takes 1 day. The costs are € 495,- per person. A lunch, study material and a certificate of participation are included.

  • Investering € 495,-
  • Looptijd 1 day

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