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Successful writing for technicians.

Effective and efficient writing is an important skill. Operational management is becoming increasingly complex and more and more matters must be recorded in management reports, inspection reports or letters. An error-free and fluently written text is also to your advantage in the offering process.

Moreover, this reporting must often be as complete and compact as possible at the same time, and that is not easy. Start at the beginning: the clear formulation of your message. During this training you learn how to do it best. We then work this out in a structured way into a text document that fits your target group.


During the one-day training in Report Writing you learn to write effective texts. We immediately put the theoretical frameworks into practice by writing various texts.

- Write easier and with more confidence;
- Learn to write more purposefully: what do you want to achieve;
- Match your texts to the readers for the best results;
- Use a structured approach, from preparation to delivery;
- Create clarity quickly by using writing schemes;
- Make well-organized reports by the correct structure of your report;
- Write attractive texts with a compact, clear writing style;
- Improve readability with an appropriate layout.


The Report Wrtiting training is designed for technicians who write professional texts in their job. Do you want to effectively inform management, clients, colleagues or other target groups? Do you want to write with more ease and formulate exactly what you mean? Do you want to improve your writing style and write more attractive texts? Then the Report Writing training course is definitely for you!

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Praktische informatie

The Report Writing training takes 1 day. The costs are € 495 per person. A lunch, study material and a certificate of participation are included.

  • Investering € 495,-
  • Looptijd 1 day

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