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Communication is inextricably linked to the work of engineers. Projects are becoming more complex and project teams are getting bigger. Engineers often sit around the table with the customer or supplier.


For a pleasant collaboration, as a technical professional you must convey your message clearly, convincingly and effectively. And that is exactly what you will learn during this training.

The Effective Communication training takes one day and is focused on daily practice. We train you to achieve your communication goals, tailored to your situation.


Who has never lost time due to misunderstanding? Which company has never missed a customer due to confusion? And in which department has duplicate work never been done because information has not been properly transmitted or has not been listened to properly? This training is relevant for every technical professional!

Part 1

Gain insight into your own communication: what goes well, what could be better

Get more return from your communication with colleagues or customers

Use your personal image to support your message

Communicate your message effectively, tailored to your target group

Part 2

Use effective query techniques to retrieve the correct information

Achieve more by listening and observing effectively

Learn to use and receive feedback effectively

Get a handle on how to deal with difficult situations, blame and resistance

Praktische informatie

The Efficient Communication training takes 1 day. The costs are € 495,- per person. A lunch, study material and a certificate of participation are included.

  • Investering € 495,-
  • Looptijd 1 day

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