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Piping Design & Engineering Course for Aspiring Engineers:

Dosign Academy's Piping Design & Engineering course offers a comprehensive blend of online and physical classes, focusing on the design processes in piping systems. This course is ideal for individuals with a background in mechanical engineering or those who are new to Piping Engineering.


Dosign Academy offers an exclusive program that teaches you everything about the design process and what else is involved in (petrochemical) piping systems. Not only does the program cover the theory of design methodologies, instrumentation, and project structures, but it also places a strong emphasis on safety and incorporates many practical situations into the program. Additionally, there are various site visits planned as part of the program. In this way, we enhance the practical applicability of the program. Our programs are designed to help technical professionals further develop within their field.

Our exclusive program covers:

Design methodologies in piping systems
Project structures and management
Interfaces with other engineering disciplines
Safety considerations in piping design
Practical case studies and assignments


This course is designed for mechanical engineers and aspiring engineers who are interested in a career in the process industry, particularly in sectors such as; hydrogen production plants, (petro)chemistry and the oil and gas industry.

Collaboration with SPPD

The quality of the course is not only ensured by our years of experience and dedicated professionals but also endorsed by the Foundation Platform Piping Design. This working group represents the largest engineering firms in the Netherlands!

Table of contents block 1

1.1 - Introduction to Piping, P&IDs, Linetable & Project Structure.

1.2 - Metallurgy, pipe specification, piping components and wall thickness calculations

1.3 - Fittings, Appendages and Valve specs

1.4 - Design methodology, plot plan, piping plan, Isometrics and 3D scanning

1.5 - Piperacks

1.6 - Utilities

1.7 - Instrumentation

1.8 - Pumps

1.9 – Barrels

1.10 - Examn

Table of contents block 2

2.1 - Supporting

2.2 - Pipe stress (base)

2.3 - Tank Storage

2.4 - Interdisciplinary checks, secondary steal, plot plan development (start)

2.5 - Heat Exchangers

2.6 - Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

2.7 - Process industry safety and ergonomics

2.8 - Fire Protection

2.9 – Insulation

2.10 - Examn

Table of contents block 3

3.1 - Plot plan development (continued) and plant layout

3.2 - Underground piping

3.3 - Process Engineering

3.4 - Manufacturing and assembly

3.5 - Towers and columns

3.6 - Cooling towers

3.7 - Pipestress (detail)

3.8 - Stoves

3.9 – Compressors

3.10 - Examn

Table of contents block 4

4.1 - Tracing / Jacketing of pipelines

4.2 - Solid handling conveying

4.3 - Plastic piping

4.4 - Cold medium piping and Tie-ins

4.5 - Materials

4.6 - Corrosion

4.7 - Planning

4.8 - Estimating

4.9 - Examn

4.10 - Graduation

Praktische informatie

The course lasts for 2 calendar years and consists of 4 modules. Each module comprises 9 theory lessons and 1 exam. Within each module, we organize an exclusive company visit, providing our participants with a unique insight into the operations of renowned businesses.

Every 2 weeks, you attend a 4-hour evening class. Half of the classes are conducted digitally, while the other half take place at Dosign Academy in Rotterdam. The classes run from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM.

The total cost of the program is €6,400, excluding VAT, which amounts to €1,600 per module of 10 lessons. In addition to the classes, the study materials, (practice) exams, certificates, and the diploma are all included in the total cost of the program.

Upon completion of each module, you will receive a certificate. Upon completing the entire course, you will be awarded a diploma.

  • Investering €6400
  • Looptijd 40 halfdays

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