Engineering jobs in sustainable energy and renewables

Resourceful engineer in energy sourcing?

Solar power. Wind energy. Biofuel. Geothermal industry. Hydropower. Renewable energy sourcing is booming, new technologies are shooting up like mushrooms. No doubt: sustainable is hot!  As it is vitally necessary. Is your expertise in line with this highly advanced sector? Where innovations are daily routine? Where technology is inseparably linked to the pursuit for a better environment? Dosign frequently fill engineering vacancies in the renewable energy sector. For example as HVAC safety coordinator and instrumentation or QA/QC engineer. Get in contact with our International Recruitment Desk for more.

Why Dosign?

  • 30+ years of experience in technical recruitment
  • Wide network of engineering professionals and client companies
  • Demanding job opportunities in engineering eg renewables
  • Varied options for technical training courses
  • Individual support and advice

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