Engineering Jobs in structural steel

Structural engineering in steel?

Structural steel engineering is broadly applied, eg in the construction of warehouses and utility buildings, in roofing renovation, shipbuilding and offshore facillities. Structural steel involves many different tasks in the respective stages of design, planning and operations, at engineering and construction firms and in shipbuilding. Does a career in structural steel appeal to you? For example in offshore projects, in shipbuilding, as draughtsperson, mechanical or structural engineer, lead designer or project engineer? Get in contact with our International Recruitment Desk for more.

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Engineering Jobs in structural steel

Tekenaar Engineer voor hittebestendige apparatuur Regio Nieuwe- Tonge
Structural Designer zware machinebouw voor in de Offshore Regio Rotterdam
Tekenaar constructeur aluminium onderdelen Regio Vianen
Structual engineer 's Hertogenbosch
Offshore Structural Engineer Regio Drechtsteden