Jobs in pipeline engineering

Securing the passage in pipelines?

Pipeline engineering is the discipline in charge of routing gas and fluids through underground and sub-sea pipeline systems. From crude oil or gas to (potable) water: Pipeline engineers ensure the safe passage of these commodities according to regulations and standards. You know your way around pipelines, risers and spools? You have a sense for topography and soil characteristics? Then most probably the job as project engineer pipelines is yours. Other positions are designer, project lead, draughtsman and draughtswoman and many more. Dosign frequently offer jobs in pipeline engineering. Get in contact with our International Recruitment Desk for more.

Why Dosign?

  • 30+ years of experience in technical recruitment
  • Wide network of engineering professionals and client companies
  • Demanding job opportunities in engineering eg pipelines
  • Varied options for technical training courses
  • Individual support and advice

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Jobs in pipeline engineering

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