Marine engineering Jobs in maritime installations

Keeping offshore installations afloat?

Marine engineers are focused towards the propulsion, powering and mechanical aspects of ship functions such as steering, anchoring and cargo handling. In charge of mechanical plants and the often massive steel structures involved, they provide the technical design of fixed and floating marine structures, such as oil platforms and offshore wind farms. The challenges in the marine and offshore sector require your expertise as designer, stress engineer, installation and project engineer, among many other tasks. Dosign frequently offer jobs in marine engineering, maritime installations and offshore constructions. Get in contact with our International Recruitment Desk for more.

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  • 30+ years of experience in technical recruitment
  • Wide network of engineering professionals and client companies
  • Demanding job opportunities in marine engineering eg maritime installations
  • Varied options for technical training courses
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Marine engineering jobs in maritime installations

Lead/Project Engineer voor het ombouwen van schepen Regio Alblasserdam
Senior werkvoorbereider voor project offshore industrie. Regio Rotterdam
Projectcoördinator regio Utrecht Regio Utrecht
Duaal HBO leer-werktraject Werktuigbouwkunde Offshore industrie regio R'dam Regio Rotterdam
Interim Project Engineer Rotterdam