Engineering jobs in instrumentation

Gauging your options in instrumentation and control?

Regulating a process requires constant measuring. Instrumentation engineers engage in the design, construction and implementation of process instruments such as flow and level meters and other field instruments. Instrumentation is in charge of both industrial process measurement and control on the level of design, operations and control. Dosign frequently offer engineering jobs in instrumentation eg  process controller, designer, field technician or project manager. Get in contact with our International Recruitment Desk for more.

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  • 30+ years of experience in technical recruitment
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  • Demanding job opportunities in engineering eg instrumentation
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Engineering jobs in instrumentation

Senior Project Lead Electrical / Instrumentation Engineer (m/w) Ludwigshafen
Senior Project Engineer Instrumentation (m/w) Oberursel
Electrical Engineer (m/w) Düsseldorf
EMSR Ingenieur (m/w) Köln
Sr. Instrumentatie & Control Engineer in de petrochemie Regio Bergen op Zoom