Engineering jobs in Health, Safety and Environment

Safeguarding the working floor in HSE engineering?

Health, Safety and Environment (short HSE or SHE) is a specialism, interfacing with all disciplines in engineering. It deals with devising and implementing appropriate procedures for environmental protection, occupational health and safety at work, and is often assigned to a specific department. Dosign are `VCA certified´, i.e. our company meets the most stringent criteria for environment, health and safety at work. You are interested in a HSE related job? We offer diverse and interesting vacancies at offshore companies, engineering agencies, manufacturing companies and shipbuilders. Get in contact for more.

Why Dosign?

  • 30+ years of experience in technical recruitment
  • Wide network of engineering professionals and client companies
  • Demanding job opportunities in engineering eg HSE
  • Varied options for technical training courses
  • Individual support and advice

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Engineering jobs in Health, Safety & Environment

Veiligheidskundige (hvk) Regio Rotterdam
HSE Manager Rheinland (m/w) Rheinland