Jobs in electrical engineering (utility)

Applying E-tech to (public) utilities?

Electrical engineers working in the utility sector apply their knowledge mainly to structural installations. They equip (public) amenities in schools, car parks, office buildings and residential construction. Typical positions in the sector are project manager, project lead, modeller, estimator, work planner and draughtsperson, among many others. Dosign frequently fill job vacancies in E-utilities, eg for electrical engineers and designers. Get in contact with our International Recruitment Desk for more.

Why Dosign?

  • 30+ years of experience in technical recruitment
  • Wide network of engineering professionals and client companies
  • Demanding job opportunities in engineering eg E-utility
  • Varied options for technical training courses
  • Individual support and advice

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Jobs in electrical engineering (utility)

Werkvoorbereider Amsterdam
Electrical Engineer Utiliteit Regio Eindhoven
Werkvoorbereider Elektrotechniek Rotterdam
Projectmanager Installatietechniek Regio Eindhoven
Projectmanager Elektrotechniek Utiliteit Amersfoort