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Electrical engineering is all about studies and applications of electricity and electromagnetic fields. The term represents several specialist disciplines, such as electronics, electromechanics and telecommunications. Electrical engineering is applied in various industries, such as oil & gas, infra, machinery, offshore, and the energy sector. Dosign frequently fill job vacancies in electrical engineering. Typical positions within the industrial sector are electrical and instrumentation engineer, process controller, estimator or manufacturing and commissioning engineer. Get in contact for more.

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Jobs in electrical engineering (industry)

Lead Engineer Elektrotechniek Regio Baarle-Nassau
Werkvoorbereider E&I, Botlek Rotterdam Rotterdam omgeving
Junior technician consumentenelektronica Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland
Software engineer maritieme systemen Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland
Bijles docent Wiskunde/Elektrotechniek Delft

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