Getting into technical schooling, training or traineeship?

As an ambitious engineer you invest into your future. Whatever your goals may be - follow a vocational or further training, get your career off to a flying start, expand your expertise or evolve your personal skills - what you will find most important on your path ahead is insight and inspiration, helping you to secure your skill base as a techninical professional. Dosign support you in this.

What do we offer?

Dosign provide a wide range of vocational trainings, specialist courses and traineeships for engineers (at Dutch mbo+, hbo or academic work and skill level) established at Dosign Academy, the Dosign training institute for technical professionals. Moreover, Dosign operate dual engineering traineeships for graduates (at Dutch havo, vwo and mbo level) with a technical profile. Learn more about these dual traineeships.

Doisgn Academy

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Fascinatio Boulevard 258
3065 WB Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Ph +31 (0)10- 244 09 44

* Please note: New address from April 2018

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