Degreed engineer within 4 years with Dosign Trainees

Dosign in cooperation with the Dutch universities of applied sciences De Haagse Hogeschool, Avans Hogeschool and HAN offer a unique dual engineering traineeship in Industrial automation, Mechanical and Electrical engineering (study language: Dutch).

Dosign Trainees for engineers

You are a qualified ambitious engineer, willing to invest into your future? The Dosign dual engineering traineeship offers you the path to an engineering degree (‘ing.’). During 4 years, you follow an advanced technical college trajectory on Dutch hbo-level for 10 hours each week, complemented by specialist courses and/or management training. Alongside your study, you work 28 hours per week as an engineer or in technical business administration at a leading company. You receive a salary which will rise with each year of your study.


  • You are proficient in Dutch.
  • You wish to combine study and work.
  • You have a technical qualification on (or equivalent to the Dutch) havo N+T, vwo N+G, vwo N+T or mbo Techniek BOL4 diploma level. Or you will complete said qualification within this year's term.

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Dosign trainees for clients

You are prepared to invest into young technical talent and hence into the future of your company? Invest into an ambitious, driven and smart dual Dosigner at a competetive hourly rate. The dual Dosigners are qualified at (an equivalent of the Dutch) mbo, havo or vwo Techniek diploma level and are consistently assigned to (jr) hbo-positions.

Roles and liabilities

During the dual trajectory Dosign act as the employer, in charge of and liable for any employer's obligations and training matters. On your part, your company provides the practical guidance on site. The mutual objective is that - after 4 years and with no further fees due - the dual Dosigner will move on working as an employee of your company.

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