Dosign Students, technical side jobs on top level!

Dosign Students acts as the (side) job agency for students of the technical universities and companies in the technical industries. Built on the idea that students and companies mutually benefit from each other, Dosign Students assigns soon-to-be engineers to technical projects all across the Netherlands. Dosign Students has close bonds with leading academic institutions such as the University of Twente and is supported by Innovation Platform Twente and United Manufactures East (VMO).

Dosign Students for technical students

Dosign Students offers TU students abundant opportunities to earn money alongside their studies, while gaining relevant work experience at renowned companies in their technical field. We assign technical students of the technical universities in Enschede, Delft and Eindhoven. The scope of projects ranges from mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering to computer science and software development. The diverse tasks a.o. include technological research, prototype design and the revamp of manufacturing processes.

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Dosign Enschede
Hengelosestraat 500
7521 AN Enschede
The Netherlands
+31 [0] 53 241 41 41

Dosign Rotterdam*
Fascinatio Boulevard 258
3065 WB Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 [0] 10 477 01 01

*Please note: new address from April 2018

Dosign Tilburg
Dr. Paul Janssenweg 144
5026 RH Tilburg
The Netherlands
+31 [0] 13 465 21 11