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You will soon be interviewed by (perhaps) your future employer? On this page you will find application tips that Dosign have put together based on years of experience with job interviews within the technical field. Do you have questions about this, or is something not clear? Feel free to contact your consultant.

In general

From the moment you enter at your potential new employer/client, you will be assessed by the receptionist, future colleagues and your interlview partner. You make a first impression and everyone can form an opinion about who you are and what you do without having exchanged a word with you. Because this first impression is just as important as the job interview itself, we are happy to give you tips on how to present yourself in the best possible way. 


  • The importance of the right attire
  • The preparation for the job interview
  • Tips for the conversation

When we schedule a job interview, we will of course provide you with additional information about the organisation you will be interviewing with, in addition to these tips. We also invite you to prepare an application in which we discuss the vacancy and the company extensively with you. This ensures an even better preparation for the interview.

Do you have any questions about the job interview after reading these tips? Feel free to contact your consultant at Dosign!

Suitable attire for the job interview

Non-verbal communication plays a big part in your overall presentation. Non-verbal communication includes all forms of communication that do not use words. So your choice of clothing is also part of this. The golden rule of attire choice is: adapt your choice of clothes based on the corporate culture of the organization you are talking to. You can find out more by looking at the company's website, linkin page or facebook page. You can also ask your consultant He or she knows the organisation well and can provide you with advice.

The most common mistakes:

  • Clothing that is too tight or too spacious;
  • Worn, creased, stained or old-fashioned clothing;
  • A sloppy haircut;
  • Unkempt nails, body odor, too heavy perfume or a smoky odor;
  • Underdressed or overdressed. In other words, the clothing is not in line with the company's culture.

The basic rules for your appearance:

  • Not too casual: At some companies it's fine to wear a casual outfit. Please note that the concept of casual is different for everyone! A neat pair of jeans without holes and a neat shirt are minimum requirements.
  • No head wear: Except for religious reasons, wearing head wear is not done.
  • The right size clothes: You look your best in clothes that fit well. So don't borrow a (tailored) suit from someone else when you're applying for a job.
  • Don't dress too naked: Shorts, deep cleavage or bare tummy are fine on the weekend, but not at a job interview.
  • Don't forget about the shoes: Don't let the shoes detract from the rest of your outfit! Go for clean, polished shoes.
  • Minimal jewelry: Attract attention for what you have to say, not for your new earrings or piercings. Be careful with visible tattoos.
  • Facial hair: Nowadays, you don't necessarily have to appear freshly shaved at work, although opinions are still divided. So take a good look at the company culture.