Young technical talent required? Look into the possibilities

You wish to bring fresh knowledge into your organisation, a young engineer with a state-of-the-art view on technology? Dosign Trainees and Dosign Students both provide this opportunity, and we are convinced that work and training combined form a perfect match in achieving business goals.

Your benefits from trainees

  • Motivated staff member, working 28 hrs per week in your company
  • Meeting your demand for qualified personnel
  • Trainees are ambitious and cost-effective
  • Up-to-date knowledge, instantly applied
  • Attractive rates
  • Fresh view on technical issues
  • Rewarding investment into the future
  • Improved market position, instantly and upcoming

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Your benefits from students

  • Students are smart and knowledgable
  • Sound implementation of your project/work assignment
  • Attractive rates
  • Students are flexible
  • Fresh view on technical issues

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You wish to learn more about your options with Dosign? We gladly come by to discuss your objectives and requirements. Please submit the form below or contact us directly at one of our nearby offices.

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