Demand for an engineer? Get to know the Dosign services

You wish to attract temporary or permanent technical staff? Complement your organisation with specialist experience or young, highly qualified talent? Finding able engineers is complex as it is time consuming. And even more so, holding on to them for the benefit of your organisation. To either end, Dosign are readily at your service. For more than 30 years now, Dosign have been successful in recruiting and assigning the best academic and advanced technical graduates in engineering. Clients turn to us for quality, for our market know-how and our face-to-face approach.

Which service suits your particular requirements?


You have temporary or permanent demand for technical staff? With Dosign Staffing you task starting and experienced engineering professionals, prepared to be challenged and to give their best to make your project a success. After an assignment period of 1,700 hours, you can contract the engineer with no further fees due.

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Your project requires an experienced engineer with a high level of knowledge? With Dosign Consultants you task highly skilled engineers with several years of experience in one or more technical discipline. Immediately available for assignment, they deliver highest quality.

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You need a flexible, immediately available engineer for your project? With Dosign Freelance you task pre-assessed and competent freelance engineers. They are versatile and up to date on the latest trends and developments in their field.

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You wish to bring new knowledge into your organisation? Realise the potential of Dosign Trainees. Here, you find young engineering talent, enabling you to invest into the future of your company.

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You are looking for smart, flexible staff with a fresh look at technology? With Dosign Students you task engineers in training with a highly current knowledge level, who are ideally suited for complex temporary projects and research.

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You struggle to find the right engineer? Then consider staff from abroad. With Dosign International you task highly skilled engineers with ambition, gladly willing to work in the Netherlands.

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You are looking for schooling and /or training for your employee(s)? Dosign Academy is the training institution for aspiring engineers. Here you find vocational training, specialist courses and traineeships for your employees, if desired customised to your demand.

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Your benefits:

  • Professional partner with 30 years + of experience in project sourcing and recruitment
  • Wide range of technical disciplines
  • Highly qualified engineers
  • Time savings thanks to efficient approach
  • (Free) customised trainings
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Assessments and reference checks
  • First month `no cure no pay’
  • Always a good match
  • All-inclusive rates

Questions about our services?

Get in contact anytime for more information on your options and advantages. We are readily at your service!

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