Dosign Trainees - talented, dual trainees in engineering!

You wish to bring new knowledge into your organisation? Invest into young technical talent. With Dosign Trainees you realise the potential of ambitious and driven young engineers. The dual Dosigners are qualified at (an equivalent of the Dutch) mbo, havo or vwo Techniek diploma level and are consistently assigned to (jr) hbo-level positions. During the dual trajectory Dosign act as the employer, in charge of and liable for any employer's obligations and training matters. On your part, your company provides the practical guidance on site. After 4 years and with no further fees due the dual Dosigner will move on working as an employee of your company.

How our clients benefit from dual trainees

  • Young technical talent
  • Apt for (jr) hbo-level positions
  • Customised training advice
  • Free takeover of the trainee after 4 years
  • No employer’s obligations on your part
  • All training matters covered
  • You only provide the practical guidance on site

About Dosign Trainees

With Dosign Trainees ambitious engineers get the ultimate opportunity to expand and deepen their technical experience and skills by way of challenging traineeships. Also at your company, if you wish. With our dual training/work programmes we provide a medium for young striving engineers to grow, cultivating the new vintage of talented engineering professionals in the industries.

Seeking a dual trainee in engineering?

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