Dosign Students - engineers with a fresh look at technology

You have a demand for temporary staff? A smart, knowledgeable, self-reliant and flexible team member for your project? Then a technical student is what you need. Their highly up-to-date knowledge level and fresh look at technology makes them ideally suited for complex technical projects and research. Your assignments are straightforwardly carried out, in a professional manner and at an attractive rate.

Your benefits as our client

  • Students' capacities resemble those of graduated engineers and they wish to prove that in practice.
  • Our close contacts to students and corporate partners allow us to task the best student for an assignment.
  • Professional performance of your assignment at an attractive rate
  • Students are flexible and have a fresh approach towards technical issues.
  • Tasking students is straightfoward. A student is tasked for a defined project, contract duration and termination are of no concern.
  • A good match at all times: we ourselves have an academic technical background and we know our students well.

About Dosign Students

Dosign Students acts as the (side) job agency for students of the Dutch technical universities and companies in the technical industries. Built on the idea that students and companies mutually benefit from each other, Dosign Students assigns engineers in training to technical projects all across the Netherlands.

Seeking a technical student?

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Are you interested in a flexible, highly qualified staff member with a fresh look at technology? Please submit the form below and we will contact you soon. For more information you can also directly contact our branch offices: Dosign Rotterdam, Dosign Enschede or Dosign Tilburg.

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Any questions? Call us on 010 477 01 01 at our head office in Rotterdam or search `All Dosign offices´ for any nearby location.

*Please note: new address Dosign Rotterdam from April 2018