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You have temporary demand for a technical professional? Or do you prefer to attract a permanent employee with maximum certainty possible? Dosign Staffing offers starting and experienced engineers, prepared to be challenged and to give their best to make your project a success. You determine both the duration of the assignment and the flexibility of the contract. The sound work performance is warranted by our 30 days ‘no cure no pay’ guarantee. After an assignment period of 1,700 hours, you can contract the engineer without any further charges.

What we do during the assignment period?

  • We provide training classes in communicating, reporting and time management.
  • We also provide training customised to your demand.
  • We give you a clear impression of the staff member based on objective assessments.
  • We provide you with a working terms benchmark and advice, if desired.
  • We warrant for a sound performance of the entire process, incl. 30 days ‘no cure no pay’

Your benefits as our client

  • Highly qualified engineers
  • Fixed-term and permanent staff
  • Guaranteed candidates with fitting competencies
  • (Usually) immediately available
  • You determine the duration of the assignment.
  • You determine the flexibility of the contract.
  • Wide range of vocational training and specialist courses
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Outstanding ‘no cure no pay´agreement
  • Take over staff without any further charge (after 1,700 hours)

About Dosign Staffing

Dosign Staffing is your first point of call for technical staff recruitment and assignment.  Our possibilities are versatile, from the temporary/project-based assignment of engineers to the intermediation of staff into temporary or permanent employment. In this we closely match your wishes and ambitions to those of the candidates.

Seeking a starting or experienced engineer?

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Any questions? Call us on 010 477 01 01 at our head office in Rotterdam or search `All Dosign offices´ for any nearby location.

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