Assessments - objective evaluation of engineers

Engineers most often must cope with demanding tasks and responsibilities. They therefore need to stand firmly based, a competence that needs to be confirmed as much as their professional know-how and specialist skills. But how to achieve that? Assessments are a suitable tool to objectively evaluate candidates. On your request, Dosign carries out custom-made and science-based assessments, for example to find the most suitable candidate for your organisation or project. Or to assist your current staff members to determine further career steps.

Which type of assessment?

Dosign are certified for applying all assessments and respective testing:

  • Selecting the best candidate for your engineering vacancy?  The `select´ assessment provides an instant objective impression of your candidate’s skills and potential.
  • Charting the prospective potential of your staff?  The `develop´ assessment helps you to support your current staff to further develop their professional ambitions. This assessment can be geared towards Sales and Management skills.
  • Supporting your staff in determining further career steps?  The `potential´ assessment opens new career perspectives to you and your staff.

Learn more about assessments?

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