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Dosign Students is a platform for technical students (Dutch HBO/WO level) who are looking for side jobs that match their studies. Would you like to be kept up to date with the latest vacancies in your area? Then download our app and get started!

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Are you a student at a Dutch technical college or university? And do you think it's cool to have a side job right in the middle of engineering? Then you've come to the right place at Dosign Students. Here you will find student jobs, summer jobs and temporary jobs in engineering, R&D and related areas. The work can vary from updating technical drawings to thinking along in concept engineering, but in any case, you will be working in engineering at a company.

The disciplines in which Dosign offer side jobs, student jobs and summer jobs include electrical engineering, electronics, tool and machinery and mechanical engineering, structural steel, shipbuilding, mechatronics and offshore. Based on our consultation interview, we agree and exactly define where you will be working. Our student jobs are situated in and around Rotterdam, Enschede, Dordrecht, Delft, Breda, Tilburg, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Zwolle and Eindhoven.

You're curious what you can earn as a Student Engineer at Dosign? Your salary depends on your studies, level of qualificaton and any experience you already have. In any case, you will earn a decent hourly wage and your travel expenses will be reimbursed 100%. Our consultant will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Your advantages as a student engineer at Dosign:

  • Challenging side jobs at leading companies
  • Gaining relevant work experience during your studies
  • Flexible extra earnings at a good salary
  • Optimal orientation on the labour market
  • Attractive terms of employment.

At Dosign Students you can be entrusted with a variety of tasks. Which one exactly depends on the company you will be working for and your educational background. Below you will find examples of such positions:

  • Jr. Engineer Mechanical
  • Summer job as tool and machinery engineer at a company in the offshore
  • Student (plc) programmer
  • jr. Draughtsman Solidworks
  • Summer job (temporary) at a production company
  • Summer side job as a draughtsperson Electrical
  • Student Draughtsperson/Designer work instructions
  • Extra job as a Draughtsperson Inventor.

In addition to these positions, new vacancies regularly become available for students of Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering and Automation. Curious about the current vacancies? Take a look at our student jobs here.

Experiences with Dosign Students

Curious about what it's like to work as a technical student through Dosign? Take a look at the stories of those who preceeded.

Stefan Bonhof
Stefan: "Within Andritz I am responsible for the documentation that goes with the machines"

"It's nice to be working alongside my thesis"

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Bilal Aouragh
Master`s student Bilal works at a consultancy firm through Dosign Students

"A student job offshore, that was just perfect for me"

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Christiaan Ven
Christiaan, student mechanical engineering, on his holiday job in Germany via Dosign Students

“A technical holiday job in Germany. How cool is that!”

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Duaal engineer achter een pc
Mechanical engineering student Rick: “Dosign Students found me the right job at the right time!”

“Dosign Students found the right job at the right time”

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Jeremy Kolijn
Jeremy: "My work at Topec via Dosign Students is a great opportunity to obtain experience."

"Gaining relevant work experience alongside my studies"

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Emma Moonen
Emma, student mechanical engineering, works at Spirotech.

“Good move towards my future career in engineering”

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