Recruiting and assigning highly skilled migrants

International engineers for your organisation


Recruitment, selection and assignment of international engineers for both permanent (`detavast´) and temporary (minimum 1 year) appointments. Dosign act as an all-in service provider.

When do you choose this solution?

Through Dosign you have access to an international network of highly educated, ambitious engineers with several years of experience. This offers a solution if you cannot find a suitable candidate on the Dutch labour market.

What can you expect from Dosign?

  • If desired, we can apply the 30% rule;
  • In the first months, we also assist the highly skilled migrant with his/her integration. Think of bank and tax formalities, guided tours in the city, etc;
  • On a quarterly level, we mutually monitor progress and results;
  • If desired, we can provide a benchmark and advice on employment conditions.

Your benefits:

  • Extensive screening including interviews via teleconferencing, testing and reference checks;
  • All-in services including tickets, accommodation and onboarding;
  • We provide relevant courses, such as language and integration courses.

Learn more? Contact us anytime.

Do you have any questions about the possibilities Dosign provides for your company? Do you wish to learn more about our engineers and what they have to offer? Or do you wish to announce a vacancy? We are glad to appoint a visit for an introductory meeting or personal consultation.

Get in contact with Dosign on phone +31 10 477 01 01 or send us your message.

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