Corona Virus

Latest update: 03-07-2020

In connection with the coronavirus outbreak, all events, training and schooling of Dosign and Dosign Academy are digital as much as possible. Where possible, meetings are held in accordance with authorities`rules.

Please note: it is still possible to apply for our vacancies, interviews take place digitally.

We will inform the participants, visitors and other involved parties a.s.a.p. about the practicalities.

Do you have an appointment for a training course, interview, contract meeting, or other at Dosign's office? Discuss with your contact person whether the appointment can take place.

If you visit our office, the rules of the RIVM apply:

  • Wash your hands before you enter our office.
  • Do not shake hands (our staff will not greet you with a handshake).
  • At our desk and at all faucets you will find disinfectant hand gel, with which you can additionally disinfect your hands.
  • Cough and sneeze on the inside of your elbow.
  • Use paper tissues, and throw them away after use.
  • Do you have a cold? Stay home! Please contact your contact person within Dosign to reschedule the appointment.

Are you working through Dosign? Then we ask you to take the following measures:

  • Follow the guidelines drawn up by the client where you work.
  • Has the client not issued a guideline? Then we advise you to follow the RIVM's general tips. These can be found on the RIVM website.
  • Work at home where possible. Consult with the client about the possibilities.
  • Are you ill? Then follow the Dosign absenteeism protocol (inform the client, call Dosign HR department) and follow the instructions of the RIVM and the local health authorities (GGD).

Any doubts or questions? Please contact your Dosign consultant.

Are you a Dosign client and do you have any questions?
Please contact Dosign on 010-4770101.

Do you have any questions about the coronavirus in general?
Please contact the RIVM on 0800-1351. This phone number can be reached daily from 8:00 to 20:00. You can also consult the RIVM website.

Questions about working or sick leave?

Contact your Dosign Consultant via phone number 010-4770101.

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