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Your company is looking for gifted and ambitious engineers? You wish to (temporarily) complement your organisation with specific technical expertise? Sourcing and recruiting able engineers is complex as it is time consuming. And even more so, commiting them to your organisation. To either end, Dosign are readily at your service.

Our services

For more than 30 years now, Dosign have been successful in sourcing, recruiting and employing able academic and advanced technical graduates in engineering. You are seeking the person to fit right in? Your choice out of the Dosign services depends on your wishes and objectives:

Our guarantees

You are seeking the person to fit right in? Take our word for it, we stand in for quality and results. We verify references, we grant `no cure, no pay´in the first month and we perform assessments, if desired.

Get to know us - without any obligation

Any questions on the possibilities of Dosign for your company? More about what our engineers and technical experts have to offer? Would you like to announce a vacancy? We are gladly prepared to come visit you for personal advice and more details regarding our services. With no obligations on your part whatsoever.

Dosign has a privacy policy for the use of your data. Dosign does not store your data for longer than is necessary. Please find more information about this in our privacy statement

Dosign Rotterdam


Any questions? Call us on 010 477 01 01 at our head office in Rotterdam or search `All Dosign offices´ for any nearby location.

*Please note: new address Dosign Rotterdam from April 2018