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Dosign Academy | Empowering engineers through training & education

At Dosign Academy, we believe that exceptional training and education are fundamental. As a technical professional, you deserve more than just a certificate or diploma. Our mission is to foster your technical expertise and personal growth. We achieve this with a deep-rooted passion for technology, supported by a team of dedicated, experienced trainers and educators.

Technical modules tailored to you

Dosign Academy offers a diverse array of technical modules that are customized to suit your professional requirements, aspirations, and schedule. Training sessions are conveniently scheduled during daytime or evening hours at Dosign Academy facilities. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to organize training sessions in-house or at a location of your choice. Intrigued to learn more? Get in Touch!

Personal Effectiveness Training for the modern technician

In today’s dynamic environment, highly skilled technicians must continuously evolve their personal competencies alongside their technical skills. The demands of project-based work, client interactions, and globalization necessitate effective communication, efficient time management, and adept negotiation skills. At Dosign Academy, you will collaborate with fellow technicians and seasoned trainers to cultivate your personal development. Eager to discover more? Get in Touch!

Bespoke solutions for organizations

Beyond our standard technical training, courses, and apprenticeships, Dosign Academy specializes in creating custom educational programs for businesses and government entities. We design technical courses and training programs that are specifically aligned with your organizational needs and goals. We actively collaborate with you to understand your objectives and transform your aspirations into a bespoke technical training program.

Overview of courses and trainings in English at Dosign Academy


Piping Design & Engineering

Learn the fundamentals of Piping Design and Engineering.

  • Design methodologies in piping systems.
  • Project structures and management.
  • Interfaces with other engineering disciplines.
  • Safety considerations in piping design.

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Training Time Management

Improve your time management skills and increase your productivity.

  • Learn how to maintain an overview of your tasks.
  • Efficiently dealing with time to manage primary tasks.
  • Tools for achieving more results in less time with more fun and less stress.

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Training Report Writing

Learn the essentials of writing effective reports.

  • Formulate your message clearly and concisely.
  • Structure your text document to fit your target audience.
  • Write complete and compact reports.
  • Improve your writing style and write more attractive texts.

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Training Efficient Communication

Enhance your communication skills for effective collaboration.

  • Convey your message clearly and effectively.
  • Avoid misunderstandings and confusion in communication.
  • Strategies for successful collaboration in complex projects.
  • Achieve your communication goals tailored to your situation.

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