How much do I earn as an engineer?

The salary you can expect while working with Dosign ao depends on your professional background as to

  • qualification
  • work experience
  • dedication
  • age

Upon agreement with your consultant, considering your background and skills, an appropriate salary will be determined.

Ever more valuable

Generally speaking, technical professionals working with Dosign, aka Dosigners, often experience a rapid development in their career, gaining experience in ever more challenging projects and increasing their job market value all along.

Drawing on your full potential

As an engineer, you have to act on top of your game and keep evolving all along. Dosign provide you with opportunities of specialist training, qualification and schooling in our affiliate Dosign Academy, the training institute for ambitious engineers. At Dosign Academy, you can work on your core competencies and individual skills. And your Dosign consultant stands by your side.

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