Our vision on technology - engineering the future

From an encompassing perspective, Dosign gladly join in and share ideas on engineers and engineering and on developments in the technical realms across all industries. Based on these considerations, we have devised a vision document focussing on 4 most relevant key aspects:

  • Technology boosting the economy
    “Government support is vital, as it is highly appreciated. Then again, first and foremost it takes corporate and private effort to keep the technologic wheel turning…”
  • Manufacturing goes global – Engineers follow suit
    “The cliché type of engineer, hatching his ideas in seclusion, is definitely outdated. Today’s professionals look at the big picture. And what they see are abundant opportunities.”
  • Steady investment in knowledge and training
    “People are and will stay at center stage.`Home grown´ in this regard is very important, whereas importing skills from abroad forms merely a temporary solution.”
  • Knowlegde economy requires technology
    “Organising is important, but creating probably even more so. Creativity is about to be regaining its well deserved significance. Technical professionals will once again be pioneers in the most innovative processes. And customer relations and clear communication will be essential in this.”


You like to share your ideas on the future of engineering? Call or mail us anytime. We gladly join in. 

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