Academy and Platform Piping joining forces


At the beginning of October, Dosign Academy entered into a cooperation with the Platform Piping Design Foundation. The aim is to certify the Academy`s Piping Design & Engineering courses 1 and 2. Starting and experienced piping engineers who pass these courses, have the certainty that their knowledge level and breadth meet the standards of the industry.

Skilled piping designers in high demand

The collaboration between Platform Piping Design Foundation and Dosign Academy is based on a shared mission: to meet the great need for skilled personnel for piping design in the Netherlands. Secretary Wim Raats says: “In 2002 we started as a working group to develop and maintain courses for the starting and advanced piping engineer. The courses were given in the form of contract education. In the years that followed, more and more companies joined in on this. Parallel to this, other education providers, including Dosign Academy, developed similar courses”.

Win-win-win situation

In 2014 the contract education at Zadkine stopped. The working group continued as a foundation and was given a broader scope: representing companies in the piping industry, as well as promoting the piping profession and piping training. In doing so, the foundation acts as a quality institute for trainers in the sector. Raats: “It is important that the training courses of the various trainers result in the same competencies and skills. With this in mind, we have also entered into dialogue with Dosign Academy. By combining our strengths, Dosign Academy can offer recognised training courses and we are pleased that we have been able to commit such a large party to us. The entire industry benefits from this. A win-win-win situation, if you like”.

Dosign facilitates, the Foundation controls

There is a clear division of roles within the collaboration. Dosign Academy facilitates the programmes and provides the teaching materials and instructors. Dosign Academy also takes care of the lessons, the presentations, the methodology, tests and the final exam: everything necessary to achieve the targets. “These attainment targets specify what a participant must meet in order to pass the programme,” says Raats. "We draw up these learning outcomes. We also ensure that the programme meets the targets. We do this by checking the examination questions, being physically present at a lesson. We then look, for example, at the degree of interaction and the extent to which people practice with the subject matter”.


When asked what possibilities the cooperation offers for the future, Raats replies: “Dosign are good at recruiting piping engineers. This is important for us to keep the industry alive. In doing so, we must continue to look together at the wishes and needs of those engineers. For example, when they are missing anything, we can adapt the training to this. The courses now meet the need for general knowledge in the field of piping, but it is quite conceivable that we will go deeper or focus on a follow-up programme. Furthermore, we can imagine the same kind of synergy arising for other disciplines, such as instrumentation engineering. With a partner like Dosign Academy you can actually take such steps”.

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