“Dosign offer opportunities for any experienced engineer"


"As an industrial engineer Johan Puts strives for one thing in particular: work on engineering as much as possible. At Delfin he gets all the space he can wish for. Johan has an important tip for fellow engineers: go to Dosign and 'do sign'!

Johan started his technical career in 1989, after his studies at Mechelen Industrial College. He went to work respectively as testing engineer and research engineer. In addition, he led projects independently. In recent years these have been especially programming assignments. "Very interesting and challenging," so Johan. "But there was also a downside. As a self-employed engineer I had to control all peripheral issues, such as accounting, acquisition, or getting my invoices settled. That I found troublesome. "


Warm welcome

In 2015, things changed. Johan went looking for opportunities to freelance and got in contact with Dosign in Antwerp. "I remember it like it was yesterday," he says. "I was warmly received by Sales Director Ramón Feuth and consultant William Michiels. William said: ' I'll have something for you.' And he did. Within a short time he had a suitable job for me. Via Imtech Belgium I could get to work as testing engineer for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Belgium. My following project was the conversion of a blast furnace. I was responsible for the programming, testing and functional readiness. "


"Two beautiful, challenging assignments", Johan looks back. "And chapeau! for Dosign. They listened closely to what I wanted and was able to do, and followed that excellently." Meanwhile, Johan is already working on his third challenge. At water treatment company Aquafin he is involved in the improvement of the automation of the purification process. The household waste water from municipal sewage is piped via collect sewers to treatment plants of Aquafin. There it is purified in a biological process and again returned to the surface water. Switching pumps on and off, controling basins, et cetera, all fully automatic.

More uniformity

"In two weeks time I made myself familiar with the automation system", says Johan. "This system was developed years ago and has since been  continuously updated and improved. Currently, the improvements relate to standardisation, to get more uniformity in the operation of the individual water purification stations. Moreover, I contribute to the development and integration of an overall management system, apt for remote monitoring and control of individual purification stations where necessary."

Dosign disburden

While Johan focuses on his technical work, Dosign take care of the administrative processing and remuneration. "Dosign disburden, and that I find pleasant. Also, I don't have to worry about new contracts. If this job is coming to an end, William and his team are already working on my next one. Moreover, Dosign appreciate the added value of experienced engineers like me: we are steadfast, we work hard and we have a lot of knowledge and practical insight. Dosign fully make use of that expertise and that offers plenty of opportunities for the experienced engineer."

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“A technical holiday job in Germany. How cool is that!”

Large machines and robots. They have fascinated Christiaan Ven from an early age. Last summer he was able to work with both enthusiasts. Via Dosign Students he found the perfect holiday job. In Germany!

Christiaan studies mechanical engineering at Twente University. Before the summer holidays he obtained his bachelor. He did not have any holiday plans, so he started looking for an interesting holiday job. He found this at Dosign Students. "The contact with Marco Knipscheer of Dosign Students was already there," says Christiaan. "I had worked for Dosign Students before, so Marco already knew where my interests lie. He had the perfect holiday job for me. I was able to work full-time for a company that mainly overhauls electronic car parts. That's right in Germany. How cool is that!”

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“Dosign Students found the right job at the right time”

Mechanical engineering student Rick de Wildt found a holiday job in his field of study via Dosign Students. And he is very happy with that: “I didn't expect them to find such a nice job in such a short time!”

With his holiday job Rick spans a period of three months, during which he does not have to study. He explains: “Before the summer holidays I finished the first year of my master's degree. After the holiday I leave for my internship at the University of Melbourne to carry out research in the field of biomechanics. The intervening period, a total of three months, I decided to usefully spend on holiday work.”

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