"There is no better start to my technical career"


After completing the dual trajectory at Dosign, it was self-evident to Sjoerd van Aart: he remained connected to Dosign, to work on various projects via a permanent appointment.

Sjoerd followed the dual engineering track Electrical Engineering. He carried out the practical part of this project at Suikerunie in Dinteloord. "Looking back, compared to my previous MBO course, it was quite tough," he says. "But I have undergone an enormous development. At first, I only did draughting work. Eventually I had my own project going, relocating a switch room.


Coal-fired power

His engineering degree pocketed, Sjoerd started his current project at Dosign in September 2017. He explains: "Through Engie Services, I work as an E&I engineer at the coal and nuclear power plant in Borssele. I am involved in the 'unbundling' project. This means that the two power stations will be split, after which the coal-fired power station will be dismantled. I am involved in the development of work packages, work permit applications and purchasing."


"At Suikerunie, I approached the engineering profession from the client's side," Sjoerd continues. "At Engie Services, I work on the contractor's side. This variation is interesting and instructive. And that's exactly the big advantage of working with Dosign. There's no better start to my technical career!"


How does Sjoerd see his career developing? "First and foremost, I want to become an able engineer. Gaining experience on different projects and increasing my technical knowledge. Dosign helps me with that. I will soon be starting the training course 'Low Voltage Design Expert'. Later I will take another course in EPLAN. Dosign pay for those courses. This is not only a financial advantage. Dosign invest in my future as an engineer. That`s giving me self-confidence.”

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"The advantage is I will soon be broadly educated"

After obtaining his pre-university degree, Edwin van der Veer went looking for a challenging training programme. He also wanted to gain practical experience. What a full-time study of mechanical engineering could not offer, Dosign's dual engineering track did.

“I quickly had good rapport with Dosign," says Edwin. “The consultants and supervisors who work there know what they are talking about. This certainly applies to my consultant Maarten van Geuns. He took stock of my wishes and ambitions and soon he found a matching job. We are also regularly discussing my progress. And I can contact him anytime with my questions.“

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“You know where you’re heading. That’s a huge motivation.”

To Rick van der Wilt, it proved to be the ideal match: follow an advanced college study Electrical Engineering  and at the same time work at O.D.S. Metering Systems. He now holds an engineering degree and can draw on four years of practical experience in process technology!

“After graduating from technical college I followed a sports course," says Rick. “I quit that quite quickly and started working full-time. After a year I decided to learn further, but in combination with working. After all, I was accustomed to working life - with pay. Dosign's dual engineering track was an excellent opportunity."

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