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You are a starting or experienced professional engineer? Aspiring to make the most of yourself and your career? Engineer your future and be a Dosigner! Be among the best in your domain and get involved in challenging engineering jobs and projects. Learn more ...

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“You know where you’re heading. That’s a huge motivation.”

To Rick van der Wilt, it proved to be the ideal match: follow an advanced college study Electrical Engineering  and at the same time work at O.D.S. Metering Systems. He now holds an engineering degree and can draw on four years of practical experience in process technology!

“After graduating from technical college I followed a sports course," says Rick. “I quit that quite quickly and started working full-time. After a year I decided to learn further, but in combination with working. After all, I was accustomed to working life - with pay. Dosign's dual engineering track was an excellent opportunity."

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"There is no better start to my technical career"

After completing the dual trajectory at Dosign, it was self-evident to Sjoerd van Aart: he remained connected to Dosign, to work on various projects via a permanent appointment.

Sjoerd followed the dual engineering track Electrical Engineering. He carried out the practical part of this project at Suikerunie in Dinteloord. "Looking back, compared to my previous MBO course, it was quite tough," he says. "But I have undergone an enormous development. At first, I only did draughting work. Eventually I had my own project going, relocating a switch room.

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“Dosign Academy helps me to further develop in my career"

From physics teacher to draughtsman piping: 27-year-old André Kik is currently undergoing this remarkable career change. The two-year Piping Design & Engineering track with Dosign Academy helps him achieve this.

André's technical career began at the age of 24, after completing his advanced college degree in physics. He says: "I had all the papers in my pocket to teach physics at high school. Still, I prefered to go into business. I started working at Hydrauvision Piping BV, a company specialising in hydraulic drives and controls.”

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“Good move towards my future career in engineering”

Emma Moonen exchanged her side job at a bakery for a technical student job. Through Dosign Students she works at Spirotech. To her, this has been a good move towards her future career in engineering.

“I study Mechanical Engineering at TU Eindhoven", Emma says. “This broad technical training allows many ways to go. I’ve just completed my bachelor’s degree. Now I’m working on my master's in microsystems. Everything is on a microscale in this field. So, research includes topics such as `lab-on-a-chip´ and `brain-on-a-chip´.”

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