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Student Engineer Schiedam
Werktuigbouwkundig Tekenaar Rotterdam Rotterdam
Projectmanager maritieme sector regio Rotterdam Rotterdam
Medior Process Engineer Ingenieursbureau Schiedam Schiedam, Zuid-Holland, NL
Software Engineer regio Baarle-Nassau Regio Baarle-Nassau, NB
Electrical Engineer Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NL

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"Theory and practice complement each other very well"

After two years of full-time study, she switched to the Dosign Dual Engineering track. Evelien Bik may not be a textbook example of a dual Dosigner. On the other hand, she now is well aware of the difference between full-time and dual study.

"I was following a full-time training course in Mechanical Engineering on advanced college level“, says Evelien. “In the second year I realised I was missing something. Rather than working on school assignments, I aspired to gain experience in the real business world. When Dosign called, it came right on cue: "They had seen my CV on the internet and called to offer me an internship. While talking it soon emerged that the dual trajectory would suit me well.“

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“Good move towards my future career in engineering”

Emma Moonen exchanged her side job at a bakery for a technical student job. Through Dosign Students she works at Spirotech. To her, this has been a good move towards her future career in engineering.

“I study Mechanical Engineering at TU Eindhoven", Emma says. “This broad technical training allows many ways to go. I’ve just completed my bachelor’s degree. Now I’m working on my master's in microsystems. Everything is on a microscale in this field. So, research includes topics such as `lab-on-a-chip´ and `brain-on-a-chip´.”

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“Dosign stand by my side, also elsewhere in Europe”

Faiyaz Khan is among the most experienced engineers working on a project basis for Dosign. The London-based chemical engineer has been working in the process industry for more than 36 years, involved in projects in various countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Faiyaz came into contact with Dosign when offered a job through an agency at CB&I, on the Shell site in Wesseling (near Cologne). “As neither the recruitment agency nor CB&I had branches or affiliates in Germany, they couldn’t employ me directly", so Faiyaz.  “CB&I had then contacted Dosign to offer me a contract for a position at the CB&I Shell site. That was fine with me. The contract conditions were suited to requirements and the Dosign team seemed to be friendly and very forthcoming.”

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“Dosign Academy helps me to further develop in my career"

From physics teacher to draughtsman piping: 27-year-old André Kik is currently undergoing this remarkable career change. The two-year Piping Design & Engineering track with Dosign Academy helps him achieve this.

André's technical career began at the age of 24, after completing his advanced college degree in physics. He says: "I had all the papers in my pocket to teach physics at high school. Still, I prefered to go into business. I started working at Hydrauvision Piping BV, a company specialising in hydraulic drives and controls.”

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