Seeking jobs or training in engineering? Get to know Dosign!

Established in 1985 as a multidisciplinary engineering agency in Rotterdam, Dosign connect ambitious professionals and leading technical companies on a worldwide scale. We are committed to our field, providing temporary and permanent employment in complex projects. The options are broad. We offer solutions for engineers, customised and labeled to their demand. These labels also form the base of varied forms, in which Dosign cooperate with their client companies. Clients, who turn to us for quality, for our market know-how and our face-to-face approach.

Temporary and permanent employment

You are looking for a fixed-term or permanent job in engineering? Find challenging jobs and projects at renowned companies in vacancies engineering. Dosign also assign engineers with ensuing direct employment at the client (recruiting).

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Freelance engineers

Do you excel in your field and you prefer to be your own boss? Then choose from our freelance projects. Our services cater for the demands of both experienced professionals and starting freelancers.

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International engineers

You live outside of Europe and you wish to work in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany? We offer challenging jobs to international candidates. Dosign arrange your job, working permit and accomodation.

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Dosign Academy

You wish to enhance or deepen your (technical) skills? At Dosign Academy you find a wide range of technical trainings, specialist courses and traineeships. In Germany, we currently offer the dual traineeship Piping Design.

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